Modernising interior layout for maximum WOW factor

Often, the best way to maximise the value of a property can be to re-configure and re-purpose the existing floor space.  This house had a small, old and cramped kitchen and a badly sectioned up ground floor, that simply wasn't suited to current living needs.  The...

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Transforming a 2 bed house to a 4 bed house

The goal for this property investment was to maximise the value of a classic 2 bed Victorian semi-detached house.  There were 2 options available, convert the basement into a third bedroom, or convert the loft.  The first step was to start the research on the costs...

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5 bed country house refurbishment – When to walk away

When a flip turns into a flop! Recently I found a great property that had all the signs of being a fantastic renovation project.  Based in one of the affluent villages near where I live, it had been in the same family for decades.  The lady that owned it had built a...

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